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    SubjectRe: full of lamers not using mirrors.

    On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Dominik Kubla wrote:

    > On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Tom Rini wrote:
    > > As one of the many lamers who's slowly overloading, is there a
    > > list of mirrors anyplace? Might be one of the reasons lots of people use
    > >
    > May i suggest to use your webbrowser to fetch the kernel via http:
    > This works even when anonftp is locked out because of the user limit
    > and we can use the global webcache structure to distribute the kernel...
    > Dominik

    if your FTP is full, i would assume that most of the bandwidth is gone at
    this point... how much does http help if the pipe (t1?) is already full?
    I share tom's sentiments, and I have a fairly fast (500kbps) connection,
    but can hardly ever provide me with download speeds above
    20kb/sec, most times not above 15 (I can get around 40kb/sec from fast
    mirrors.) I scoured for a long time trying to find ANY sort of
    list of people who might mirror the site. Eventually I just gave up and
    waited for to find someone who had a copy of the kernel.
    Even though theres not a solid mirroring structure out there yet- do you
    have any sort of idea of some sites that keep a fairly curent mirror?

    | John Caldwell

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