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SubjectRe: inodes are not cleared! wrote:

> To be honest, I suspect you are not right here.
> At least, networking asked for get_empty_inode(),
> so that it has right to expect really empty one 8)

Hi Alexey,

In this case "empty" means "not assigned to a device and hashed", not
"set to zero".

> Look at "struct inode", it contains whole screen of fields.
> We cannot expect, that networking in general
> (and particularly, me 8)) knows something about i_flock, i_mmap etc. etc.

I agree with your principle here, and I don't think you'll find i_flock
etc giving any trouble to the network layer. If they do, it's probably a
bug in the code responsible for managing that field.

But in the case of i_flag, it's apparently a required field for the VFS
functions being used by the networking layer, so networking needs to
give it a correct value.


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