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SubjectRe: inodes are not cleared!
   Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:50:35 -0400
From: Bill Hawes <>

But it's hardly worth arguing about; if you feel that strongly
about it, send Linus a patch for get_empty_inode(). One extra
cleared field isn't going to hurt performance.

I'm not a maniac about it, in fact look at all the layering violations
still left in IP/TCP layers :-) (I did try to remove most of them,
but this job was a difficult one to finish)

As you note my suggested approach won't cause any performance
problems, and it may save some headaches for some other people, so it
seems to make a lot of sense.

(I do note a trend that when a VFS behaviorism changes, true
filesystem implementations get updated quite quick, and networking
dependencies take almost as long to get fully fleshed out as the
UMSDOS port to dentries has taken ;-) This is my fault as much as
anyone else's)

David S. Miller

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