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    SubjectRe: RAID5 sector exists (2.1.10x)
    Mike Black wrote:
    > This is REAL consistent -- every one or two days now I'm getting the EXACT
    > same set of error messages on my RAID5 setup. The sector numbers match (the
    > bh and bh_new are different each time). The most recent is on 2.1.109 (has
    > happened on every kernel for a while). This doesn't appear to cause any
    > problems...chkraid and e2fsck always check out OK. Any ideas?
    > >Jul 20 11:54:00 medusa kernel: raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[1], sector
    > 2400748 exists
    > >Jul 20 11:54:00 medusa kernel: raid5: bh c05d8c20, bh_new c05d88c0
    > >Jul 20 11:54:00 medusa kernel: raid5: bug: stripe->bh_new[2], sector
    > 2400750 exists

    Any chance you could work back from the sector and find what files are
    involved? It might help to know what fs operations are being done at the


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