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SubjectRe: Memory Rusting Effect [re: Linux hostile to poverty]
At 10:01 20/07/98 +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
>> > Linux should run passably on the lowest common denominator machine for
>> > the majority of its userbase. That is an 8Mb 486. If you think everyone
>> > can afford 32Mbytes I suggest you pay a visit to a local UK university,
>> > pop out into the poor parts of europe or south america.
>> Memory has gotten insanely cheap lately.
>> $14 for 16MB SIMM
>> $26 for 32MB SIMM
>> $127 for 128MB DIMM
>They dont fit 30 pin sockets on ISA bus 386s or old VLB 486 boards. You are
>making the exact mistake I tried to point out above. All the world is not
>made up of cash rich Americans bulk buying memory.


I bought 2x 32MB DIMM SDRAM for $32 each, in Parana, Brasil, South America.
(to put in 2 machines).
The 64Mb SDRAM is $72. I don't remember the 128MB.

Sergio Bruder

Sergio Bruder.

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