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SubjectRe: Memory Rusting Effect [re: Linux hostile to poverty]
> Linus Torvalds wrote:
> At this point, ask ourselves.. is the role of Linux still in the rusty old PCs
> inthe backroom? Or has the OS gained enough momentum and respect to start
> to be commonly used in brand new, high end hardware. This is very relatedto how
> much the bar should be raised.

Could it still be possible to deliver the Linux kernel for completely
different needs? Eg. drop new performance tweaks and algorithms that
have bad impact on the whole system performance?

Example: if user A needs 2.2 because of it's new routing capabilities
but has to run it in a sluggish 4 MB configuration, user A could do so
by leaving out dcache and other memory-hogging features that have been
developed to bring up performance on the high-end.

I am aware that it isn't possible to write as performing code that can
simply be left out of the kernel then it is to write tightly coupled
core functionality but would it be worth it?

[ Flame me personally, not on the list if you think this is the
stupidest suggestion ever. ]

Samuli Kaski,
Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

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