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    SubjectRe: I/O permissions for V86 tasks (Enhanced V86 Mode)?
    > embedded in the entire task structure, which means that moving it out 
    > of there so that it can be resized is going to be rather complicated
    > to say the least. I am positive that it can be done, but it is going
    > to have wide reaching implications and could have undesired effects
    > on other parts of the kernel.

    It depends where you put things. Nothing stops the TSS and inode map
    being at the end of the task structure. So you allocate a new task
    structure of the desired size. The only problem there is Linus 8K hack
    and the fact a 16K block is really pushing things harder in the current
    mm problems. You have to do this in advance too - trying to swap the
    kernel stack of a task is not a sane proceedure.

    I'll keep thinking


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