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SubjectRe: [URGENT] [PATCH] 2.1.109: small patch to bugs.h
Hi Pete,

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Pete Clements wrote:
> > Please Pete, could you test this out on your Intel 486 DX2-66?
>Patch applied, works, back to pre 109.
>Patched 2.1.109 /proc/cpuinfo
>processor : 0
>cpu family : 4
>model : unknown
>vendor_id : unknown
>stepping : unknown

OK, I fixed the Cyrix code, now the problem is in the Intel code.

Unfortunately, I can't offer a fix for this, since I only have and work on the
2.0.3x sources. Rafael and I maintain a common code base for the Cyrix detection
routines, so the Cyrix fix was easy, but I don't have the least idea of how
Intel detection is done in 2.1.109. AFAIK it's completely different from the
2.0.3x code.

[BTW this is why I think it's a good idea to have as much common code as
possible in the 2.0.3x and 2.1.10x kernels, at least for code that's been well

If you can wait until Rafael comes online, I am pretty sure he can cook
something up in a clean way. It's probably something relatively simple, like
the default vendor_id not being initialized ot something like that. I am
positive that the problem is restricted to setup.c.

Now I understand why Linus calls the CPU detection code a "beauty wart". Do you
realize how much time women spend painting themselves? ;-)

Andrew D. Balsa

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