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    SubjectRe: DLLs [OFFTOPIC]

    Erik Andersen <> wrote:
    > I think the question was more directed towards the late binding
    > aspects of DLLs. Shared ELF libraried are bound to an executable
    > at link time. DLLs can be bound at link time (similar to the shared
    > library) or they can be loaded (under Windows anyway) with calls to:
    > CoLoadLibrary(char * lpszLibName, unsigned long bAutoFree);
    > CoFreeLibrary(long hInst);
    > CoFreeUnusedLibraries(void);

    From dlopen(3) man page:

    #include <dlfcn.h>

    void *dlopen (const char *filename, int flag);
    const char *dlerror(void);
    void *dlsym(void *handle, char *symbol);
    int dlclose (void *handle);

    > This facilitates certain types of programming. The question then
    > was probably, what Linux APIs can be used for late binding of a
    > library (comparable to the above mentioned windows APIs).

    flag must be either RTLD_LAZY, meaning resolve undefined
    symbols as code from the dynamic library is executed, or
    RTLD_NOW, meaning resolve all undefined symbols before
    dlopen returns,


    You can use RTLD_LAZY for late binding

    > I don't know the answer, and this is off topic, but I would be
    > interested in knowing the answer as well.

    But I think also that this is off-topic for Linux kernel

    Cheers, Juan.

    In theory, practice and theory are the same, but in practice they
    are different -- Larry McVoy

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