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SubjectRe: Linux to replace Windows CE?
Oskar Liljeblad writes:
> For everyone's information, all the (AFAIK) necessary documents on the SH3
> processor is available on I got 4MB worth PDF documents
> with CPU hardware connectors, instructions etc.

Yes, I got it too. What I talked to Hitachi was about the document of
Windows CE hardware they use and how to buy the semi-product called
"Windows CE Reference Platform". As they said, "Windows CE Reference
Platform" comes with hardware information of LCD, PCMCIA, Keyboard,
and such, but it isn't intended to be platform for other operating
system except Windows CE, which is clealy stated by its name ;-). It
is intended to application programmer of Windows CE, thay said.

As they ask me the purpose of getting "Windows CE Reference Platform",
I honestly said that I'm thinking porting Linux to SH, and it seems
that it is difficult (or not decided yet as it's the first case for
them) to sell it for other purposes. It could be "abuse".

Currently I'm not sure if we could get the reference platform and its
information with no contract like NDA.

Anyway, it would be good that people at Hitachi recognize that
Linux/SH is challenging target and it's fun if Linux runs on SH.
I wish and hope that.

> Btw, anyone know what palmtops use SH4? (And does GCC really support it?
> Last time I checked GCC's homepage SH4 wasn't listed under supported CPUs...
> Are SH3 and SH4 byte-code compatible?)

AFAIK, the code is compatible between SH3 and SH4.

NIIBE Yutaka

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