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SubjectRe: Linux to replace Windows CE?
NIIBE Yutaka <> writes:

> Oskar Liljeblad writes:
> > Is anyone working of a port of Linux to palmtops/handheld PCs? I'm thinking
> > of those 4-32MB RAM, Windows CE computers.
> > Many of them use MIPS processors (Philips Velo, Philips Nino, Casio
> > Cassiopeia E*), some others (all HP, Casio Cassiopeia A*) use SH-3
> > processors. Since linux already supports MIPS processors, shouldn't porting
> > to these computers just be a matter of writing LCD display, touch screen,
> > keyboard and (optionally) CompactFlash, IrDA, and PC Card drivers, and a
> > bootloader (or whatever else would be necessary)?
> I thought once for SH, and proposed the project porting Linux kernel
> to SH processor to Hitachi. However, they didn't have any interest at
> that time.

The SH4 would be a great CPU to run Linux on! I have documentation here,
and started some design work targetted at the simulator, but it never went
anywhere because Hitachi didn't want to give me Hardware anymore.

An advantage of the SH is that there is already a functional GNU gcc/
binutils/gdb port.


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