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SubjectRe: Strange interrupt behaviour

On 14 Jul 1998, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

> What is the correct way of interpreting slabinfo? Quick summary from a
> mm guru? What do the two cols mean?

Well, this is part of the draft I am (heh) writing to document /proc
Clarifications, additions, etc, very welcome as this is mostly 'guessing',
since I haven't had a look to how mm works yet.

Information about the cache memory allocated for the various structures
held in the system. Each structure type is called a slab, and each
structure of that type is called an object.

%s cache name
%d active objects
%d total objects. These objects, albeit unused, are kept in the slab cache
so we don't have grow that particular slab in case we need more objects
-Following fields are only available #if SLAB_STATS-
%d active slabs
%d total slabs
%d pages per slab
%d the highest active object in the slab
%d incremented each time the slab allocates space for an object
%d incremented each time the slab increases its size
%d incremented each time the slab gets reaped (removed from the slab list)
%d incremented each time there's an error allocing or freeing kmem

> Is this slabinfo gonna be usefull to fixing/diagnosing the current mm
> problems? Perhaps someone would like to collect a bunch of them (off
> list) and summarize?

Dunno, but if SLAB_STATS still works it could be sueful.

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