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    SubjectRe: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing
    At 17:20 -0700 1998-07-14, david parsons wrote:
    >In article <>,
    >Manish Singh <> wrote:
    >>This is why I have advised the KDE people that if they wish to distribute
    >>their KDEified GIMP, they should get permission from every tenant of the
    >>GIMP copyright (which includes the FSF, there is FSF copyrighted code in
    >>GIMP). If one tenant disagrees, no go.
    > This would be a horrible precedent that would chill commercial
    > software development for Linux. For example, I developed a variant
    > If you GPLed your code, you have to live with it being GPLed. This
    > includes it being used and modified by your competitors.

    *sigh* I can't believe I'm stepping into this stupid flamewar...

    As long as they conform to the terms of the GPL. Linking GPLed code with Qt
    and distributing binaries of the result, violates the terms of the GPL, and
    only the copyright holder(s) can allow such violations to go unpunished.

    P.S. Please *DO NOT* reply to the list, reply directly to me. I have not
    set the reply-to accordingly, because I'm using a brain-damaged MUA. ;)
    Joel "Espy" Klecker Debian GNU/Linux Developer <>
    <> <>

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