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    SubjectRe: Raytheon and Linux
    Alex Buell wrote:
    > Hi guys
    > I'm just not having a good day today. *sigh* Part of my job involves
    > working with NASA. Recently I installed Linux on my PC to help me work
    > better and more efficiently [I like it so much I was happy to install it
    > and use it full time at work too]. Now, I've been told by my employers
    > who are subcontracted to the main contractors(Raytheon) that Raytheon
    > wants me to remove Linux for "security reasons", and use Windows 95. Now
    > this _really_ annoys me.

    Tell them before you do so you want an explict wavier of liablity.
    When they ask why, tell them you are knowledge that windows 95 and nt are as
    secure as a wet paper bag and your don't want to be held accountable for using

    If that doesn't work pass the IP out on the net.

    I will personally run a cron job to boink it every 30 minutes until they concede
    defeat. : >

    -- Elite MicroComputers 732-541-4214 Linux Router Project

    I am a regex retard. Behold. Take pity.

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