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SubjectRe: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing
Manish Singh wrote:
> I didn't want to get into this again, but Linus specifically mentioned
> "bad blood" between "*gimp*/kde people" (emphasis mine), which isn't
> entirely true.
> > The point is that the whole area is gray. Qt is not the EVIL with capital
> > letters that some people make it out to be: neither is KDE. There are
> > precedents for much "worse" libraries (ie Motif) being accepted silently
> > and without discussion.
> Yep, this issue is a gray area, and I believe that it's best to stay on
> the side of caution in this case. It would be quite bad if a judge later
> on explicitly rules that linking GPL apps with Qt is illegal.

The time for discussion has ended. It is time to call out the
lawyers and settle this entire issue in a decisive manner.

The only things I want to know are the following:

1. Who is going to hire the lawyers.

I would recommend the law firm that solved the
Linux trademark issue? Perhaps RMS knows of some better.

2. Who is going to manage the legal fund?
a. Richard M. Stallman (The Free Software Foundation)
b. John "Maddog" Hall (Linux International)
c. RedHat (Redhat Labs/GNOME)
d. Manish Singh (Current The GIMP project leader)

3. Where do I send a donation for the legal fund?

<major snip>

> -Yosh

Terry L. Ridder
Blue Danube Software (Blaue Donau Software)
"We do not write software, we compose it."

When the toast is burnt
and all the milk has turned
and Captain Crunch is waving farewell
when the Big One finds you
may this song remind you that they
don't serve breakfast in hell

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