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SubjectRe: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Alex Belits wrote:
> With Linux and *BSD the assumption that user can get Motif with every
> system is clearly wrong (even I can't afford it on every Linux and *BSD
> system, I install). So even though GPL on Motif-using programs is
> valid, developers of GPL'ed software _feel_ that they need something else,
> be it free Motif clone (Lesstif), non-free toolkit that at least _can_ be
> installed on every box with free software (Qt) or new free toolkit
> (GTK) to make users of free OS be able to use their software.

Too much deleted - I agree with pretty much every word Alex wrote.

The point is that the whole area is gray. Qt is not the EVIL with capital
letters that some people make it out to be: neither is KDE. There are
precedents for much "worse" libraries (ie Motif) being accepted silently
and without discussion.

The additional problem is that there is obviously much animosity
completely unrelated to copyrights between the gimp/kde people, with bad
blood between rival systems. The GPL was _meant_ to allow sharing of code,
and as such I find it disturbing that people are now using it to try to
force non-sharing.


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