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SubjectConsole fixes for 2.1.108 (fwd)

I just submitted the latest version of the console fix to JitterBug. The patch
is relative to 2.1.108 and can be downloaded from:

- Changes by me:

o Frame buffer devices are now initialized from chr_dev_init(), i.e.
after the PCI and memory subsystems. Early console messages are handled
by vgacon (VGA text console), or by a very small dummy driver if vgacon
is not available.
When the first frame buffer device is initialized (can be builtin or a
loadable module), it takes over the console. The old screen contents
are not lost.
o Added scrollback for frame buffer devices that support wrapping or
o Low level frame buffer renderers can be loadable modules again
o vgafb (VGA text frame buffer device) can be a loadable module
o Fix the default color palette (incorrectly assumed to be a typo)
o Make sure vfb (virtual frame buffer device) is initialized last
o Doc fixes (contents and typos)
o drivers/video/ depends on CONFIG_VT
o Vesafb cannot be enabled together with vgacon
o Get rid of the ugly text logos

- Changes by Jakub Jelinek:

o SBUS or UPA based frame buffer devices
o SPARC Creator/Creator3D frame buffer device
o Optimizations and clean ups in the character rendering code
o Smart redraw scrolling
o Sun 8x16 font

- Changes by Andrew Apted:

o Prevent flickering when scrolling in vgafb/mdafb
o Fix weird color palette changes in vgafb
o Auxiliary types for text frame buffers
o MDA cursor fixes

- Changes by Philip Blundell:

o Small fixes for ARM

- Changes by Bill Hawes:

o Selection bug fixes

- Changes by Russell King:

o Frame buffer cursor fixes

- Changes by Martin Mares:

o vgacon supports scrollback
o vgacon uses fast hardware scrolling when available
o vgacon supports changeable fonts and console resizing
o Generic console code again allows character buffer of the foreground
console to be contained directly in video ram. Added few hooks for
such consoles:
con_set_origin - Calculate start of screen buffer for
foreground console
con_vram_scroll - Try scrolling the whole screen buffer
con_save_screen - Save screen contents to real screen buffer
o con_switch now returns whether to redraw or not
o vgacon: Original bootup screen retained when starting the console.
o Better coalescing of multiple characters to single putcs
o Did some shuffling of subroutines to make the code more readable.
o Added back the no-scroll command-line option.
o Clipping (aka selection) from scroll-back works
o Changed configuration on all architectures -- all console settings
now reside within single sub-menu.
o Moved declarations of console subsystem routines to vt_kern.h
o Coalesced both version of vc_resize into one.
o Cleaned up font switching.
o Killed con_adjust_height
o Cleaned up allocation of new consoles
o Include logo on i386 only with CONFIG_FB as the text mode logo
is very ugly.
o When only the vgacon is configured, omit lots of screen refreshing
o VGA videomem access is now arch-dependent and whereever possible,
it's compiled just as direct memory access with necessary address
o Moved all screen buffer access functions to <linux/vt_buffer.h>
o memsetw and memcpyw renamed to scr_memsetw and scr_memcpyw to match
rest of buffer access functions. Implemented scr_memcpyw as memcpy
whereever possible.
o Updated fbcon and compatcon to use the new consw hooks.
o Removed txtcon as it isn't used anywhere and it's out of date.

- Spelling fixes by Trevor Johnson

- Some changes I forgot to mention...



Geert Uytterhoeven
Wavelets, Linux/{m68k~Amiga,PPC~CHRP}
Department of Computer Science -- Katholieke Universiteit Leuven -- Belgium

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