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SubjectRe: Console fixes for 2.1.108
On 10 Jul, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> I just submitted the latest version of the console fix to JitterBug. The patch
> is relative to 2.1.108 and can be downloaded from:
I tested this, it needs some tweaks to compile:
- seems like con_init() int drivers/char/console.c should return
unsigned long rather than void. This also affect one return statement in
the function.

- the no_scroll command line parameter and its function is only
implemented for vgacon, and should be dependent on CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE
(in init/main.c).

Once booted (with vgafb) I still have a version of the black-on-black
problem. Kernel console messages appear right, but any output though
the tty seems to be written with the current background color. But if I
switch to another VC and then back the screen content is updated and
appears correct, but any updates while focused only affects the cursor


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