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SubjectRe: serial problems (was Re: serial (PPP) stomping on parport?)
   Date: 	Tue, 9 Jun 1998 13:03:49 -0700
From: "D.A. Harris" <>

On Tue, Jun 09, 1998 at 02:47:15AM -0700, D.A. Harris wrote:
> And I'm having additional problems. I'm not able to configure UARTs
> above 16550A under 2.1.105. I'll have to switch back to 2.1.104 to be
> able to use my Byterunner serial card (a dumb serial card that supports
> UART 16650).

Just compiled up and tried 2.1.104, the problem exists there, too. So
something broke from 2.1.104pre1 to 2.1.104.

Can you give me a bit more specifics for how it's failing? Is it
failing to autoconfigure? What happens if you try to manually set the
uart by using setserial? etc.

FYI, there have been no changes in drivers/char/serial.c between 2.1.103
and 2.1.105.

- Ted

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