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Subject[2.1.105] Cyrix 6x86 reduced to 486

I just strapped on 2.1.105 last night for kicks (up from 2.1.88,
which is the last 2.1.x that's been solid for me). It seemed to work
fairly well (ie., it didn't crash on bootup). The exceptions were 1.) my
Cyrix 6x86 is once again an unknown 486. I did compile choosing
Pentium/6x86. 2.) None of the firewalling stuff seemed to work. The /proc
files for ip_{forward,input,acct} et al were non-existant.
There were several other weirdnesses (particularly with modules),
but I don't want to bring up possibly bogus reports until I have a chance
to test it again in a controlled environment.

B. James Phillippe <>
Linux Software Engineer, WGT Inc.

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