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SubjectRe: 2.1.105 sound
> Not noticing the changes in the sound setup for 2.1.105, I flew through
> the make config using the defaults from my previous .config file... This
> lead to saying "no" to the second sound config question (the OSS stuff)...
> It appears to cause the kernel build to fail. Here is the resulting error:

Yep. I've fixed this in 2.1.105ac1 (
and sent Linus the diffs

> Also, I noticed what may be a problem in <asm/types.h> and at least glibc
> 2.1 (haven't tested 2.0). There is a type conflict between the glibc and
> kernel declarations of umode_t. If its not a glibc 2.0 problem, a little
> preventative medicine may be in order to avoid excess confusion at a later
> date when 2.1 is final.

You shouldnt be mixing kernel and glibc headers for one thing.


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