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SubjectRe: panic("Cyrix user");
> Finally, a while ago there was talk about fixing the TSC stuff, there 
> was some patches floating around. .. but are there any plans to integrate
> it into kernel?

I'm the one who wrote the patches. I stopped working of them when I asked
for help with some assembly in include/asm-i386/bugs.h (I don't know
assembly) and no one came forth with the information I wanted. However, I
took another look at the code and see that it should be easy to get past
the part that was holding me up before (the test for the Pentium FPU bug).
I will continue work on this, but will need more information. The people
who were discussing this never agreed on which TSC behaviors corresponded
to which CPU steppings.

In the meantime, I've bought some VAXStations, NeXTs, Apollos, a '286 PC,
a Mac and a DECStation--just in case, you know.

If you want to look at or work on my patches, they're available at Look for x86_capability-2.1.102.diff and
Trevor Johnson

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