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    SubjectRe: 2.1.103 cache size still too big
    Hi Edgar.

    >> We should have a maximum percentage of memory that can be
    >> used for the caching of _one_ file, possibly tunable by
    >> counting the number of pagefaults for this file vs. the
    >> total number of pagefaults in the system.

    > One day you'll have so much *tunables* that you have to
    > swap /proc/sys :-(

    > IMO, memory managment is going the wrong way...

    Personally, I'd prefer memory management to be one of those things
    that just gets done RELIABLY, without having to worry about tuning
    some collection of variables that are meaningless to most of the
    people using the system. In my book, OPTIMAL is of considerable less
    importance than RELIABLE - that's why I use Linux in preference to
    WinDoze in the first place...

    Best wishes from Riley.

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