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SubjectRe: UNBELIEVABLE linux story!
On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Majdi Abbas wrote:

# I think what many people seem to be overlooking is that
#hot or warm swapping IDE devices is only a recommended course of action
#if you plan to take the next comet-obscured spaceship off the planet
#along with your data. I've seen people kill motherboards this way.

Oh, I didn't say I'd recommend it.. I just said I've done it.

# If you must hot-swap:
# * Use SCSI

but never seagate (see below)

# * Use bays designed for this end that will wait until
# the bus is reasonably quiet and carefully remove the
# device from the bus.

...because even tho the Seagate is in a hotswap tray, it'll most likely
die the second you try to plug it back in. ;P

# Anything else is just asking for punishment. Personally, when
#it's your responsibility to maintain a reliable system and protect the
#data on it I wouldn't want to have to explain my involvement in a loss.

i have an easy way to explain my involvement in a loss. "i, uh, tripped."
;) seriously, tho.. hotswap IDE is fucking stupid. really REALLY stupid.
now, scsi.. uh, i better not mention how i do that on this box.. }:)

-Phil R. Jaenke ( /
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