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Subject2.0.34pre16 SCSI/SMP/i4l/Cyclades sudden lockup

we have a router running 2.0.34pre16. It locked up twice in the last 48
hours. There is no ,,kernel panic'' visible on the console or in the
logfiles. We have the following hardware configuration:

- 2 Intel P133 CPU's
- 128 MB RAM
- Gigabyte GA586DX Dual Board with onboard Adaptec AIC-7880
- Additional NCR SCSI-Controller, Chip NCR53C810a
- Teles 16.3 ISDN Card (No PnP!), connected to a leased line with two
ISDN-channels, running raw-ip in master/slave-mode
- Cyclades 32-times serial adaptor Cyclom-Y (PCI)
- PCI ne2000-Clone, noname

We have no idea, why this happens. We hope reporting these lockups helps
finding the bug. If you need further information don't bother to ask.


jens frank Goettingen Germany Europe Earth StadtSchulNetz Goettingen

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