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SubjectRe: Can't format hard disk
On Fri, 29 May 1998, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> I'm using 2.0.34pre14 and I am trying to format a 514M hard disk
> with ext2.
> I've created a single partition, and tried to format it, to no
> avail. I then ran badblocks with write testing, and had no
> problems. Once again I formatted, and it failed. Here is the
> screen output from my badblocks command, and mke2fs.

> Checking for bad blocks (read-only test): done
> Block 0 in primary superblock/group descriptor area bad.
> Blocks 0 through 2 must be good in order to build a filesystem.
> Aborting....

I've seen this error too, on my MO drive. It dissapeared
when I formatted the disk with 1k block size...

I don't have any clue as to what the reason was, but it
did 'solve' the problem. Somebody have a clue (tytso)?

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