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    SubjectRe: 5000 emails later, compressed summary ;)
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >General things:
    > 2.0.34pre16 is waiting Linus to move it to 2.0.34. Once that is
    >done I will be releasing 2.0.35pre1. The first things Im fixing there are
    >the Cyrix problems and hopefully finishing the Alpha merge

    Before you do this, isn't it time to put in something like this?

    if gcc -v 2>&1 | grep "gcc version 2\.7\.2" >/dev/null; then
    echo "Ok, youre using gcc 2.7.2.x"
    echo "Dumb jerk, you're trying to compile a 2.0 kernel with"
    echo "a gcc other than 2.7.2.x"
    echo "DON'T"
    exit 1

    It should get rid om some of the complaints here on linux-kernel. :-)


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