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    SubjectRe: Problem with TCP

    On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Barry Treahy wrote:

    > In a nutshell, I'm running 2.0.33 of Linux (just upgraded from 2.0.30 to
    > see if the problem would go away and it didn't) on a Compaq 486 PC. For
    > the past several months, I've been experiencing problems that I have
    > been blaming on my HTTP server vendor to find out that it appears to be
    > a Linux problem.
    > I have identified a hand full of files including a copy of VMLINUZ,
    > several .GIF files, etc. that when I try and FTP them from this PC, and

    When you say ``from this PC'' do you mean that you have not tried
    this from any other FTP client? What is the client software?

    > in the case of the .GIF files, the HTTP server tries to send them, the
    > first 1k to 2k of the file is damaged... Why do I say that, I run
    > TCPDUMP capturing the packets and compare the contents of the packets to
    > the real file... TCP seems to think that the file is ok, because no
    > retransmissions occur but the ftp client hangs, the web browser hang,
    > etc...

    I've never seen this sort of thing happen in any UNIX OS.

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