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SubjectRe: Fixes for vgafb on 2.1.107
On Sun, 28 Jun 1998, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> After a lot of work, I found out what was wrong with vgafb in 2.1.107. The
> strange thing was that it does work in the vger tree...

Very nice; vgafb works here on a Matrox Millenium I 4MB (2+2) PCI, and
seems fast enough at scrolling that I probably wouldn't notice any further

However, it seems the default palette is not exactly right; using ye old
console regression test (Nethack 3.2.2) things that should be brown are
now yellow (the darker yellow; normal yellow objects seem brighter).
Nethack does seem to draw things faster on vgafb than vgacon, though.

Also, an error appeared in the system log:

fb0: VGA frame buffer device, using 32K of video memory
kmem_alloc: NULL ptr (name=unknown)
Console: colour frame buffer device 80x25

fb_alloc_cmap uses kmalloc, so it would appear that the colormap problem
is another victim of the mm system not being initialized yet (so
initializing the colormap trashed *something*, and that memory was
subsequently changed, munging the palette). Am I correct?


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