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    SubjectRe: Secure-linux and standard kernel
    On Sun, 28 Jun 1998, Mike Ford Ditto wrote:

    > > > The implementation of what Andrej prefers to call capabilities, has
    > >
    > > And what the designers and implementors of L4, EROS, KeyKOS, GNOSIS,
    > > XOK/EXOS, Grasshopper and other academic, experimental, commercial and
    > > military capability based operating systems dating from today and all
    > > the way back to 1960's, together with respected names of computer
    > > security industry, such as Landau, Hardy, Schroeder, Saltzer and others,
    > > prefer to call.
    > And the Amoeba research distributed OS uses the term "capabilities" for
    > yet another radically different (and quite interesting) concept which
    > overlaps somewhat with security mechanism design. Obviously there is
    > not a universal meaning of the term in the world of computer science.
    > <>

    As far as I can recall both the above mentioned KeyOS and Grasshopper also
    you Amoeba like capabilities.

    That type of system is very intresting, however, I seriously doubt you
    could make it work in a Unix enviroment, it's too differnt.

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