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SubjectRe: 2.1.107 + fb + s3virge = FAIL
> Would it be possible to have an option whether the abscon system should
> intialize early or late put into config?

Oh boy 8)

> I imagine it would be usefull to have *con drivers as modules on a
> 'production/distribution' kernel on ia32, since it would then revert
> back to normal mode when the driver fails.

The "where do we init the console" argument has been a long running one
to say the least. It has to be after the PCI is scanned but before the
PCI scan is displayed ideally. Other impossibles apply. You can btw
plug in a default handler until the console comes up - The Mac fbcon
does exactly this. Perhaps fbcon should do vga text console until
it fires up fbcon.

Another item for someone who wants to play with head.S and is familiar
with PC BIOS calls is to write a vesa1 fbcon module. That means setting
a fixed chosen video mode in the boot up while 16 bit, setting a fixed
palette if an 8bit mode (Suggest RGB332) and finding where the frame
buffer itself is then passing this to the kernel (if the latter isnt
possible we can play 'figure it out via PCI'). For non linear buffer
chipsets that may limit you to a single bank, but the problem chipsets
are almost always PCI...


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