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    SubjectRe: joystick (was Re: Y2K)
    On Thu, Jun 25, 1998 at 08:59:24AM +0200, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
    > Could you try if this problem persists with the 1.2.x joystick driver
    > (which handles compatibility mode in a different way)?

    Sure. It will be a couple of days though.

    > Also, what's the 'any games'? Do you have a list? I'd like to know
    > about them if they're using joystick.

    Well I've run across maybe four, but I didn't keep them long enough to
    even remember what they were - sorry. Right now I've got fly8, and
    also an adaptation of Bill Kendrick's galaxa game
    <URL:>, where I had
    added joystick support (1.x only). Kinda interesting because it also
    supports pcsnd. I don't think he incorporated the change but if anyone
    wants to dink with it I still have the diff somewhere.

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