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    SubjectRe: (reiserfs) dynamic stat data (was Re: LVM / Filesystems / High availability)
    Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
    > Hi,
    > In article <>,
    > <> writes:
    > > Perhaps an intelgent thing to do would be to have the FS support
    > > 'extended metadata'. There could be a pointer at the end of the
    > > metadata block to some 'extmetadata' node someplace. At the node there
    > > could be n where n<256 key=value pairs. This could be used to store
    > > ACLs, compression info, and such. (pref things that arn't needed every
    > > file access) There could also be some syscalls so that userspace apps
    > > could add/remove/view these things..
    > For kernel-internal data structures such as ACLs and POSIX capability
    > masks, 2.3 ext2fs should support such things. However, that will be
    > integrated tightly into the filesystem and will not be exported through
    > the VFS. Starting to push this higher up the stack just breaks Unix
    > semantics in loads of really unhelpful ways. We already have well
    > defined APIs for ACLs and capabilities, plus we have a requirement that
    > the kernel enforces these features. Together, that justifies a
    > kernel-mode solution. For general user-mode metadata, we really do want
    > a user-mode solution (eg. dot files and dot directories). Reiserfs's
    > efficient small file handling should make a kernel mode solution
    > unnecessary. :)

    It would be nice to say cat /usr/local/bin/xemacs/version and get the
    version of the xemacs installed, say /usr/local/bin/xemacs/ACL and get
    the ACLs on xemacs, say /usr/local/bin/xemacs/owner and get the traditional
    file stat_data field of owner, but still say /usr/local/bin/xemacs to run
    xemacs by referencing the file body (which can be thought of as the default
    file of the directory xemacs.)

    I can't implement this though with my current resources, however much I'd like to see it.


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