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    SubjectRe: sound
    On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Brian K. White wrote:
    >kernel: 2.1.106 (and 105)
    >sound card: PAS
    >config: compiled in, no SB compiled, disable-sb-emulation PAS config option
    > no broken bus option or symphony option used, enable joystick = yes,
    >symptoms: apps report cannot open /dev/dsp, device not configured
    > /proc looks the same when it's not working, as when it is. (shows
    >PAS device, port, irq, dma) cat >/dev/[dsp,audio]
    >doesn't even work.
    > /dev/sndstat looks the same except for a (missing) midi entry
    > mixer progs work as usual. like a dork, for some reason I have midi as
    >a module right now, so I'll compile that in, and test FM audio.
    >It's not
    > working right now either (even after insmod opl3 etc...)

    <aol>Me too!</aol>

    I've got a pretty similar setup here. Only difference is I didn't enable
    the PAS joystick port. Same thing. If I cat /dev/sndstat it reports the
    card exists, but if I cat a .au and > it to /dev/audio I get an error
    saying that the sound card hasn't been configured.



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    Programmer & Systems Administrator +1 713-977-4177 x115
    Larson Software Technology

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