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OK, Please beleive me I looked around for the fix before posting here;
sources, docs in the sources, deja-news, etc...

Why might I lose the use of /dev/dsp and /dev/audio under 2.1.10[5,6] ?
I compiled the sound drivers in, the devices.txt file says that the
major-minor numbers for this haven't changed. nothing in Changes.txt
nothing in the readmes in drivers/sound
Is this one of the new things that get turned on via echoing a 1 to
somewhere in /proc ? I couldn't find anything that looked right for that.

sound driver is not completely broken, the mixer works.

same card, configed the same way works on 2.0.33 with both the original
OSS 3.5 and the newer oss3.8 that was ported for 2.0.*

I'm not 100% sure, but I beleive it was working on a 2.1.90 kernel I had
a while back, and am pretty damned sure it worked on 2.1.88.

kernel: 2.1.106 (and 105)
sound card: PAS
config: compiled in, no SB compiled, disable-sb-emulation PAS config option
no broken bus option or symphony option used, enable joystick = yes,
symptoms: apps report cannot open /dev/dsp, device not configured
/proc looks the same when it's not working, as when it is. (shows
PAS device, port, irq, dma) cat >/dev/[dsp,audio]
doesn't even work.
/dev/sndstat looks the same except for a (missing) midi entry
mixer progs work as usual. like a dork, for some reason I have midi as
a module right now, so I'll compile that in, and test FM audio.
It's not
working right now either (even after insmod opl3 etc...)


unrelated question:

how can I re-enable Cyrix cpu recognition? I saw an #ifdefine
in head.S but /proc/cpuinfo still says unknown and uname says 486

this works with the patch for 2.0.33 which looks exactly like what is
in 2.1.* and I think it was there & working in 2.1.90 also.

so I'm thinking I just didn't do enough by commenting that one set of



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