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SubjectRe: RT cache management [again offtopic]h
> You really can' t compare Debian with Red Hat about security. Debian is
> very more secure. With my knowledge about exploit (reading daily BUGTRAQ
> and weekly rootshell) I never been able to exploit my system that is
> always uptodate with debian-changes HIGH-PRIORITY packages. Also Debian
> provide a new mailing list only about security

If you are using pine I'll send you an email to erase your home directory
under debian if you want 8). A lot of people assume there is a material
difference between security in Linux systems - its rarely the case. Red
Hat people read debian lists, debian people read Red Hat lists and we
bat patches back and forth (Debian has my nmh patches for example,
Red Hat has debians mailx patches). Similarly the metamail patches to
stop the little pine feature will be appearing everywhere soon

Anyway I wasnt trying to start a Red Hat is better/worse than Debian
is better/worse than SuSE, just point out that OpenBSD are the only people
to look up to, and to catch up with - and to get a quick plug in for
the Linux Security Auditing Project - which Chris then did with less style
and more useful info ;)


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