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    SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: LVM / Filesystems / High availability
    In <> (Mike Shaver) writes:

    >I'm very interested in the viability of large Linux servers, and I'd
    >love to hear what you think is missing. My pet items are support for
    >very large (> 10K) fds per process, and I/O completion ports (or
    >something like that; sct's SIGRTIO system would work fine for me).

    I'd like to see enough statistics out of the low level disk drivers to
    get a usable iostat. The information from iostat is vital, IMO, for
    managing a large server and being (roughly) able to predict when you are
    going to be over capacity before it happens. Linux's total reads and
    write's per disk just don't cut it. We need to know service time for
    writes, %busy, total reads and writes per second and amount read and
    written per second at the very least.

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