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    SubjectRe: sound
    I had a similar problem which was solved by applying Alan Cox's kernel
    patches from

    I applied the ac2 patch to a clean 2.1.106 source tree, then added the
    ac2-ac3 patch on top of that. My soundcard is a PAS16.

    On Mon, 22 Jun 1998, Brian K. White wrote:

    > OK, Please beleive me I looked around for the fix before posting here;
    > sources, docs in the sources, deja-news, etc...
    > Why might I lose the use of /dev/dsp and /dev/audio under 2.1.10[5,6] ?
    > I compiled the sound drivers in, the devices.txt file says that the
    > major-minor numbers for this haven't changed. nothing in Changes.txt
    > nothing in the readmes in drivers/sound
    > Is this one of the new things that get turned on via echoing a 1 to
    > somewhere in /proc ? I couldn't find anything that looked right for that.
    > sound driver is not completely broken, the mixer works.
    > same card, configed the same way works on 2.0.33 with both the original
    > OSS 3.5 and the newer oss3.8 that was ported for 2.0.*
    > I'm not 100% sure, but I beleive it was working on a 2.1.90 kernel I had
    > a while back, and am pretty damned sure it worked on 2.1.88.
    > kernel: 2.1.106 (and 105)
    > sound card: PAS
    > config: compiled in, no SB compiled, disable-sb-emulation PAS config option

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