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Subjectre: Limits in the kernel
Well you could lower the MAX_TASKS_PER_USER in 
To somethine more reasonable like 50 or so.
The default is 256.

I have a patch I made to setup a /proc/secure/maxtasks
Using sysctl to change the MAX_TASKS_PER_USER on the fly.

Hope that helps.

Jaime Fournier
Austin AIX Systems Administration


Is it possible to configure the kernel in the same manner as a
solaris/sunos kernel (/etc/system)? It is very easy for a regular
user to
make a linux box unresponsive and crash eventually.

This simple program will do that:

main ()

I'm sure you all know that, now the question is, how do I prevent
something like that from happening, and is it possible to set some
sort of
limits in the kernel?

Thanks in advance.

Jaime Fournier
Systems Administrator
Austin AIX Support Group

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