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    SubjectRe: Thread implementations...
    On Sun, 21 Jun 1998, John Kodis wrote:

    > status = sys$qio(
    > READ_OPCODE, fd, buffer, sizeof(buffer),
    > <lots of other parameters that I've long since forgotten>,
    > ast_function, ast_parameter, ...);
    > The read would get posted, and when complete the ast_function would
    > get called with the ast_parameter in the context of the process that
    > posted the QIO. This provided a powerful and easy-to-use method of
    > dealing with async IO. It's one of the few VMS features that I wish
    > Unix supported.

    Yep, this was very cool. I used it for great effect in a MUD game I wrote
    on VAX/VMS 5.1 yonks ago at university.

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