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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Very amusing DNS...
On Thu, 18 Jun 1998, Anthony Barbachan wrote:

> This could mean that they have finally started porting IE 4.01 to Linux as
> they have done for Solaris and HPUX. I heard that the IE for UNIX
> programmers were all (or at least mostly) Linux guys, they may have
> convinced MS to release IE for Linux. Or they might just have been
> compiling Apache 1.3.0 with frontpage extensions (and the other bundled
> utilities) for Linux. If it is IE, the addition of MS as an application
> provider for Linux should be benifitial to us.

Sorry - I wouldn't want IE for Linux. Also, it's not likely to happen -
I'd guess maybe a 2% chance of it... If you remember Randy Chapman, he's
now working at Microsoft on some of the UNIX things they do (not very
many, mostly IE/Unix and FrontPage extensions and the like).. he's already
stated they have no intention of this. Also, the IE4/Unix "port" was done
using a commercial library package that implements Win32+MFC on top of
Solaris - first it's total bloatware, second, I find it unlikely that
they'd bother to port that to Linux (no money in it for 'em).

P.S. - I'm not against browsers - I might even buy Opera when the Linux
port comes out. I just hate IE.

Derrik Pates

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