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SubjectRe: f@#$ing MMX emulator
   Date: 	Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:30:54 +1200
From: Chris Wedgwood <>

> The latest egcs can make use of the sparc equivalent of MMX already

But the sparc equivalent seems to be better designed and actually
useful for lots of stuff outside of a few corner cases.

Not totally true, as Ingo has shown doing IP checksums on MMX was not
significantly different in complexity from doing it on Sparc VIS.

You seem to allude later that MMX should have used another bank of
registers, Sparc VIS does not do this and uses the normal FPU. I
don't know if you were driving at things being different here between
Sparc and Intel, but in any event they aren't in this regard.

David S. Miller

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