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    SubjectRe: Journaled FS
    In article <>,
    Andrea Arcangeli <> wrote:

    >I hope fs developers will remeber to use at least 32bit to store major and
    >minor numbers (instead of only 16bit) while projecting the newfs (to
    >remove the need of devfs).

    The size of major and minor numbers is not, IMO, a significant reason
    to have a devfs or not. Having device drivers be able to tell you
    that they exist and what devices they're handling -- in a consistant
    fashion, btw -- *IS* a significant reason, and this won't be stopped
    even if the kernel goes to the glibc 64 or 128 or 256 bit major or
    minor numbers.

    david parsons \bi/ In the grand scheme of things, major and minor
    \/ numbers are a massive kludge.

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