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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Very amusing DNS...
> >
> >A couple of days ago, they had a web page up at
> > Guess what it was -- The default page for
> >Apache on a RedHat installation!
> >
> This could mean that they have finally started porting IE 4.01 to Linux as
> they have done for Solaris and HPUX. I heard that the IE for UNIX
> programmers were all (or at least mostly) Linux guys, they may have
> convinced MS to release IE for Linux. Or they might just have been
> compiling Apache 1.3.0 with frontpage extensions (and the other bundled
> utilities) for Linux. If it is IE, the addition of MS as an application
> provider for Linux should be benifitial to us.
> >hmm... I guess microsoft finally decided that windows was too unstable to
> >run. Or, maybe they just wanted to steal some of the source code!

oh, you haven't read yet?

a quick quote from the page:

And the fact is that both Chapman and Dawson [IE4/solaris developers] have
grown quite comfortable shuttling back and forth between the worlds of
Windows and UNIX. "It's amazing to me how far UNIX has to go today to
catch up to NT," says Dawson. "Take, just for one example, threading
support. UNIX still has benefits, but NT is just a lot more

it's good for a laugh, at least :)
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