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    SubjectRe: SYSENTER based syscalls patch, 2.1.105, RFC
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Gabriel Paubert <>
    In newsgroup:
    > > Where was SYSENTER/SYSEXIT documented, by the way? Is it in
    > > Intel's PII operating system writer's guide?
    > Not AFAIK, if you want to investigate, a good starting point is:
    > <>
    > (hint: follow the links to the AMD version called SYSCALL/SYSRET).
    > Gabriel

    There is a Celeron addendum to the Intel Architecture Software
    Development Manual -- Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference which
    documents these... you can find it as a PDF on Intel's web site. I'm
    afraid I don't have the document # handy.

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