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    SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: e2fsprogs and +2Gb partitions
    this is a users point of view.  i'm one of the users, who compiles everything
    himself (except stuff from very well known source).

    compiling something that is linux kernel specific is always trouble:
    - mixing of linux and glibc header files doesn't work.
    - some header files from kernel are not in glibc (e.g. linux/mroute.h,
    needed (i guess only) when compiling mrouted.
    - some kernel interfaces are still changeing, for example isdn and smbfs.
    so for these you need kernel header files.

    as user, this would be nice :
    - only linux specific programs should access kernel header files,
    all other should be able to compile without.
    - for linux specific programs : i would prefer useing
    -I/<path_to_kernel/linux rather than changeing /usr/include stuff.
    i'm sometimes switching from stable kernels to unstable, and so
    i need to recompile programs. with a required -I i would know what
    programs are kernel dependant, which can help.

    if a few header files change - hey, i transistion to glibc required also some
    small changes, and most work is done by distributions anyway.

    maybe it could help to have a guideline how to handle kernel headers right,
    so we can read how its done right, fix the program, and send the improvements

    currently any interaction of programs with kernel header files looks like a
    chaos to me ...


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