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    SubjectRe: binfmt_script
    >There appears to be a restriction on scripts that allows only a single
    >parameter to the interpreter in the #! line. For example:
    > #!/bin/csh -fb <-- fine
    > #!/bin/csh -f -b <-- not allowed
    >Is there a reason for this restriction?

    Given a file

    #!<interpreter> <options>

    the kernel changes the command line

    Foo <args>


    <interpreter <options> Foo <args>

    Once you know that all should be clear.

    Hint: the -f option in csh takes the next "word" as the name of the file
    to run. The first verstion gives "csh -fb blah args" while the second
    gives "csh -f -b blah args" and csh tries to run the script "-b".

    As far as I know all unices (?) do it this way.

    Jeff Voskamp

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