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SubjectRe: OFFTOPIC: e2fsprogs and +2Gb partitions
On Sat, 13 Jun 1998, Richard B. Johnson wrote:

# I can shut up no longer. I __HAD__ all the sources for all the programs
# and utilities that ran on this system. All of the programs and utilities
# that ran on this system were compiled on this system. I did not start
# with a 'standard' distribution. I started with Version 0.99 obtained on
# floppies from Yggdarsil (or however you spell it).

As with me. I haven't used a 'distribution' after I installed Slackware
when it _first_ came out.

Since them I've built my own systems. Completely. From source.

# I installed glibc and now I have nothing. No sources except the kernel
# will compile.

Well, I've been more lucky. I have an entire system (still) full of source
code that compiles under glibc. I know it does, cuz I've done it all

# It will probably be years before there are any Linux distributions that
# will compile the sources for the binaries provided by these distributions.


# This is not how migration should have occurred. New tools should have
# at least emulated the capabilities of the older tools. This was not
# done. The result is a lot of angry developers.

I've really not that _that_ awful of a time. Really. You all know,
probably, who I am at this point and about where my skill-sets lie, and if
_i've_ managed to compile:

./Mail/pine3.96 ./Mail/pop3d-1.005e ./Mail/qpopper2.2
./Mail/sendmail-8.8.8 ./Mail/mailx-5.3b ./Mail/elm2.4.ME+.37
./Mail/procmail-3.10 ./System/at ./System/bdflush-1.5
./System/bzip2-0.1pl2 ./System/cron3.0pl1 ./System/file-3.20.1
./System/fileutils-3.16 ./System/findutils-4.1 ./System/gzip-1.2.4
./System/less-332 ./System/man-1.4j ./System/man-pages-1.17
./System/pciutils-0.91 ./System/pnp-0.3beta8 ./System/procinfo-0.11
./System/modutils-2.1.85 ./System/procps-1.2.2 ./System/psmisc
./System/sac-1.3 ./System/screen-3.7.4 ./System/setserial-2.12_CTI
./System/strace-3.1 ./System/sysklogd-1.3-17 ./System/sysvinit-2.72
./System/tar-1.12 ./System/termutils-2.0 ./System/watchdog-3.3
./System/softdog-1.1 ./System/mt-st-0.5 ./System/dosfsck
./System/procinfo-13 ./System/mkdosfs-ygg-0.3c ./Ppp/eql-1.2
./Web/apache_1.3b3 ./Web/wget-1.4.5 ./Web/lynx2-6 ./Web/apache_1.3b6
./Bench/bonnie ./Bench/lmbench ./Bench/nbench-byte-2.1
./Console/SVGATextMode-1.8-src ./Console/svgalib-1.2.13 ./Console/kbd-0.96
./Devel/as86 ./Devel/bin86-0.3 ./Devel/gdb-4.17 ./Devel/egcs-1.0.3a
./Devel/gcc- ./Devel/gdb-4.16 ./Devel/make-3.76.1 ./Devel/patch-2.5
./Devel/perl5.004_04 ./Devel/automake-1.3 ./Devel/rcs-5.7
./Devel/gcc-2.8.1 ./Devel/autoconf-2.12 ./Devel/cvs-1.9.26
./Devel/make-3.75 ./Devel/egcs-1.0.2 ./Devel/binutils-
./Devel/perl5.004_66 ./Filesystems/autofs-0.3.14
./Filesystems/e2fsprogs-1.10 ./Filesystems/fdisk-3.04
./Filesystems/hdparm-3.3 ./Filesystems/lilo ./Filesystems/mount-2.7k
./Filesystems/raidtools-0.42 ./Filesystems/smbfs-2.0.2
./Filesystems/coda-4.4.0 ./Filesystems/dump-0.3
./Filesystems/knfs-0.4.22.orig ./Filesystems/coda-4.6.0 ./Filesystems/huh
./Libs/gdbm-1.7.3 ./Libs/glibc ./Libs/ ./Libs/libg++-
./Libs/ncurses-1.9.9e ./Libs/readline-2.1 ./Libs/rsaref
./Libs/shadow-971001 ./Libs/termcap-2.0.8 ./Libs/zlib-1.0.4
./Libs/libstdc++- ./Misc/bc-1.04 ./Misc/expect-5.25
./Misc/id-utils-3.2 ./Misc/miscfiles-1.1 ./Misc/pgp ./Misc/sh-utils-1.16
./Misc/time-1.7 ./Misc/util-linux-2.7.1 ./Misc/uu ./Misc/ledstatus
./Misc/procleds-1.1 ./Misc/gpm-1.13 ./Network/archie-1.4.1
./Network/biff+comsat-0.10 ./Network/bind ./Network/bsd-finger-0.10
./Network/fwhois-1.00 ./Network/inetutils-1.3.1 ./Network/ipfwadm-2.3.0
./Network/linux-ftpd-0.10 ./Network/ipchains-1.3.3
./Network/nfs-server-2.2beta33 ./Network/linux-nfs-0.4.22
./Network/ncftp-2.4.2 ./Network/net-tools ./Network/netdate
./Network/netkit-ntalk-0.10 ./Network/netwrite-0.10 ./Network/news
./Network/nfs-server-2.2beta29 ./Network/portmap_5beta
./Network/routed-8.10 ./Network/rpcbind_2 ./Network/rsync-1.6.9
./Network/ssh-1.2.21 ./Network/tcp ./Network/tcp_wrappers_7.6
./Network/traceroute-1.4a5 ./Network/wu-ftpd-2.4.2-beta-15-glibc
./Network/sniffit.0.3.5 ./Network/minicom-1.78 ./Network/ip_fil3.2.3
./Network/ipchains-1.3.1 ./Network/xntp3-5.92d ./Network/samba-1.9.18p4
./Network/iproute2 ./Shells/bash-2.01.1 ./Shells/tcsh-6.06
./Text/bison-1.25 ./Text/diffutils-2.7 ./Text/flex-2.5.4 ./Text/gawk-3.0.3
./Text/grep-2.1 ./Text/groff-1.11 ./Text/m4-1.4 ./Text/sed-2.05
./Text/texinfo-3.9 ./Text/textutils-1.22 ./Text/vim-4.5 ./Text/xemacs-20.2
./Text/yacc-1.9.1 ./Text/glimpse-4.1 ./Text/msql-2.0.3
./Text/mysql-3.21.30 ./Text/texinfo-3.12 ./X11r6/X331 ./X11r6/xpm-3.4g

Then I think the problem is a bit over-stated.

..nicholas j.

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