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SubjectRe: V2.1.106: CRC-error: SYSTEM HALTED
On Sun, 14 Jun 1998, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

> Hi Yaroslav!
> Thanx for your reply.
> I am using chos instead of lilo and I have
> run it before rebooting -- otherwise
> I would not be able to boot a new kernel,
> cause lilo/chos wouldn't know, that there
> is a new one to be integrated into the boot
> sector.
> meino

Change the code in arch/i386/boot/setup.S to:

inc ax
mov [0x0],ax ! any unused memory location < 64K
seg es
cmp ax,[0x10] ! corresponding HMA address
je a20_wait ! loop until no longer aliased
pop es
pop ds

(The 0x0 and 0x10 used to be 0x7something, but this memory address
could be used.)


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