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    SubjectRe: CDROM Oops patch
    On Sun, Jun 14, 1998 at 02:21:42PM +0200, David A. van Leeuwen wrote:
    > Erik,
    > Thanks for taking care of the CDROM interface again. One comment:
    > - cdi->options = CDO_AUTO_CLOSE | CDO_USE_FFLAGS | CDO_LOCK;
    > - /* default compatibility mode */
    > + if (dont_check_media_type==0)
    > + cdi->options |= (int) CDO_CHECK_TYPE;
    > This breaks 2.0 compatibility and will couse people to randomly send
    > patches to comment out some of the code in cdrom.c, because their
    > favorite cdrom player program doesn't work anymore. This has happened
    > before! Moreover, the code is wrong. "==" -> "!=" and "|=" ->
    > "&= ~". Or something. Just remove the "| CDO_CHECK_TYPE" in the
    > first line. Please.
    > ---david

    I think that by default checking the media type is a good thing. Since
    I knew that this change could annoy some people, I attempted to add
    in a flag to fall back to the old behavior for those not wanting to
    make the change yet. You are correct though that I screwed this one
    up. I was intending to do an XOR ( &= ~ ), but I guess my brain was
    wandering elsewhere... I do plan on changing the default though (baring
    huge resistance from the rest of the community). The media type checking
    works, it avoids many problems, and I think it is time that cdrom apps
    make use of it. It is just so much cleaner to see:

    andersen@dillweed% mount /cdrom0
    mount: Wrong medium type

    instead of:

    andersen@dillweed% mount /cdrom0
    mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdb,
    or too many mounted file systems

    There have been several times during the history of Linux where default
    behavior has changed. I am making the assumption that since people have
    adaptaed to the major networking changes introduced during 2.1.x, and
    the change from using kerneld to kmod, surely folks will be able to
    adapt to a slight change in default cdrom behavior. Yes, some apps will
    break. Yes, some people will complain. I will be glad to assist anyone
    who complains in modifying their CDROM source code to adapt. I think the
    improved behavior is worth the cost. Those that think otherwise can use
    the compatability flag.


    Erik B. Andersen Web:
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